in development
Directed by Lucas Gallo

DICIEMBRE is an immersive and atmospheric journey to the events that took place during December 2001 in Argentina. With four presidents ousted in two weeks, widespread looting, 39 protesters killed by security forces and an unprecedented economic crash, was the first social explosion of the XXI century. The film uses images created by the television of the time, turning then into the magic of cinematography and rediscovering the radical changes that occurred during that month and that since then have become synonymous with social tension and unrest for the country and the world.

  • Argentina/Uruguay
    90’ – 2K – Color
    Written and Directed by Lucas Gallo
    Executive Producers: Alex Piperno (URU), Andrew Sala (ARG) y Sebastián Muro (ARG)
    Produced by Nevada Cine (ARG) & La Pobladora Cine (URU)

[World Premiere] Official Selection FID Marseille – First Films Competition