Rafa, His Dad and Me

Directed by Sebastián Muro

Sebastian Muro, the director of this film, starts shooting his father, Rafa, an extroverted businessman, for a film school exercise. Hypnotized by the easiness and indifference his father has with the camera, Sebastian continues shooting him without much purpose until, without him noticing, he starts telling his own family story and stumbles upon an unsettled matter: the absence of his father during nearly a decade when Sebastian was a boy.

  • Argentina
  • Documentary
  • 74’ – HD – Color
  • Written and Directed by Sebastián Muro
  • Edited by Anita Remón (SAE) & Julia Strafacce (SAE)
  • Sound by John Figueroa (Perú), Marilina Giménez & Carla Finco.
  • With Rafael Muro, Jaime Muro, Andrés Muro, Inés Baum & Fabiana Yanun
  • Executive Producer Andrew Sala
  • Produced by Nevada Cine